New signage. More business.
Less hassle.

$499 / month

Free, high-resolution LED display included.

With screens-as-a-service, ScreenHub bundles the hardware, software and insight tools that brands need to extend their audience and drive revenue.

The best part? This ScreenHub package also offers cellular data for your display, free hardware maintenance and unlimited software support.

Get the power of digital marketing insights on-site today, with screens-as-a-service.

Extend your display and content management setups to include robust video tracking.

Cirrus Sight, a video tracking device mounted on your display, runs in the background and monitors car and foot traffic around your location. The device delivers robust analytics via ScreenHub, your content management software, to help you understand when to display specific messaging, or how your display messaging is performing.

Moreover, bluetooth beacons can send sales messages via smartphones to passerbys.

In essence, Cirrus Sight equips your brick-and-mortar business with the tools it needs to run like a sophisticated website.


Let us do the work for you. Here’s what’s included in your display package:


  • Free, high resolution, 9.5mm pitch outdoor LED display (over a $25,000 value)
  • Brand protection with 24/7 hardware performance monitoring
  • Free replacement parts
  • An additional free screen every 5 years at no additional cost!


  • ScreenHub content management Pro license
  • 2GB+ of cellular data for display
  • 1-on-1 training and unlimited group training sessions
  • Unlimited phone tech support

Cirrus Sight

  • Free Cirrus Sight video camera, a video tracking device mounted on your display to monitor car and foot traffic around your location
  • Free digital display integration
  • Free analytics dashboard access in ScreenHub to see real-time feedback on the effectiveness of your advertising

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Powerful Digital Displays

Screens the same quality as your brand. Vivid, clear, high resolution interior and exterior LED displays.

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Streamlined Content Management

One, powerful cloud content management solution to run all of your screens’ content, seamlessly.

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Actionable Analytics

Real-time insights about car and foot traffic patterns, delivered via your content management platform

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Average Cost Per 1000 Exposures

Is there a catch?

No, not at all. This is an exclusive offer that ScreenHub, in tandem with Cirrus LED, is offering clients to help

Are there any limitations?

Some conditions apply. The free high resolution outdoor LED display is up to 48 square feet; an additional deposit is required for those clients who require larger screens. Free replacement parts and installation is only applicable for product defects. Free additional screen every five years is included in a contract renewal.

Do you cover installation?

ScreenHub does not cover installation, but can refer you to our large network of professional installers.

“Just by installing an LED display, the average business can expect to see a minimum increase in business of 15% up to a staggering 150%. No other form of advertising comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an outdoor LED display.”

U.S. Small Business Administration

About ScreenHub

ScreenHub is an all inclusive software as a service (SaaS) content and design management system for your digital signs. Our web-based solution allows you to easily create, control, and modify messages on your sign from any internet enabled device. ScreenHub is hardware agnostic, making it compatible with any display type and screen resolution.

About Cirrus LED

Cirrus offers the world’s first suite of turnkey interconnected tools for optimizing on-site marketing with software and hardware systems to help your business or organization look its best. The ecosystem of interconnected hardware and software created by Cirrus allows for an unprecedented view of your storefront or organization’s location. Data can then be used to optimize messaging.

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