Signage Grows Alongside the Industry

September 18, 2017 Blog

There are two aspects of the digital signage industry that continue to grow. The value of the industry and the size of its products. “The industry is expected to witness substantial growth owing to its growing usage in corporate and hospitality sector. It is used…

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ScreenHub Brings In Multiple Forms of Traffic

September 12, 2017 Blog

Outdoor signage is very important, it directs and informs both the users and the public around your business. This is how we divert traffic due to road construction. On the way to work drives tend to pass boards that say “don’t drink and drive”. Even…

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Digital Displays Becoming a more Accessible Technology

September 7, 2017 Blog

Digital displays have become a much more accessible technology. Every year, like most technologies, the parts required for their assembly are becoming lighter and smaller. They require less of a time commitment for assembly and have fewer components. In general, all of this is allowing…

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Better Integration Means It Better Serves You

September 5, 2017 Blog

Integration is very important, especially in this day in age. Why would this be? Well, it could be due to the millions of people whose eyes travel between their phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets more often than they do their own surroundings. The new Christmas…

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Digital Art, The Next Form of Digital Advertising

September 1, 2017 Blog

ScreenHub is often confused with a software that lets you write text for your digital displays, instead of a creative platform for unique content creation. Jeff Doud of MaxMedia remarked on his most recent post that, “Public spaces, retailers, malls, and lobbies often assume that…

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